Aztec and Mayan tribes knew about the incredible therapeutic benefits of chia.

For centuries before the Spanish arrived in America, the indigenous Aztec and Mayan tribes knew about the incredible therapeutic benefits of Chia. So much did these two cultures revere the sacred seed, it became an integral part of their social practices. It was utilized in food, medicine, and even as a religious offering to the gods. We decided to follow in our ancient forefathers footsteps in order to bring the benefits of the Chia Seed back to the forefront of our modern day social practices, more accurately, our beloved hair practices.

Latinoil was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and has been in the making for a few years now. We have taken our time to produce the perfect formula made of only the finest ingredients that have been leaving everyone that uses Latinoil in absolute awe.


Samuel Loza, company founder and concept developer, is no stranger to the cosmetics and beauty industry. For Samuel, an industrial engineer by profession and expert in the field of cosmetics – having established some of the most sought after products and reputable brands in Central and South America – LatinOil is in many ways the natural conclusion to a decade long quest.

Growing up in Guadalajara, Samuel vividly recalls the influence of Chia in the surrounding native culture. Because each one of the miraculous seeds packs a powerful dose of Omegas, Antioxidants, protein, fiber and other essential nutrients such as phosphorous, calcium and magnesium, they have long been a staple in the various dietary and holistic practices of peoples throughout the Americas. It was not until Samuel began developing LatinOil, however, that he discovered the immense potential benefits of incorporating Chia oil into hair care products.

After several years of research and extensive trial and error experimentation, Samuel, along with a number of top chemists in the trade, had the breakthrough that he had been searching for. Through a specialized process of cold press extraction and refinement, it finally became possible to harness all the nutritive and regenerative properties that have made Chia a cornerstone in health and wellness for centuries. Never before has a hair product that offers so many extensive and robust benefits been available. These findings have backed up an overwhelming positive public reception since the launch of LatinOil earlier this year. Owing to popular demand, we have since expanded our line to include a full range of products that all uniquely blend our proprietary Chia oil formula for a variety of applications.


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